Movies at Odeon

We've been here less than a month and it seems we've been to the movies at least ten times already. With the Italian TV being what it is, our most favorite pasttime is to see movies. Almost every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, they show original language films, which are usually American.

The movies are fairly recent, but usually they don't arrive until they are available in Italian (either dubbed or with subtitles). Most of the people who come here are American students, living here or just visiting. And there are also Italians who come to see movies in English too, like Italian guys with their American girlfriends.

Yesterday when we arrived and waited in line to get tickets, a French woman behind me said, "There are a lot of foreigners here" (in French). I laughed out loud and realized that she probably didn't think anyone understood her. I realized that what she meant wasn't "foreigner," but rather "American" since she was foreign too in Italy.

The theatre itself is quite remarkable with its balcony of seats above and on the sides and its stained-glass cupola.

The snack stand is quite small, it's just a little bar with a small popcorn machine and racks of snack foods, like chips, chocolate, and nuts. Dave likes the fact that he can buy a beer and drink it inside.

Toward the end of the film, we heard some noise that made the theatre rumble. At first I got worried (being from California), but then I realized that there's a discotec below the cinema, called "Yab." We normally go to earlier showings, but today we went to the late show at 10PM.

When we got outside, we noticed the large crowds of American kids (who looked like students) in front of the entrance. I told Dave, "Wow, there are a lot of foreigners here." He shook his head at me with a smirk and we both laughed.

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