Whose turn is it in the bakery?

I normally avoid going to the bakery at lunch time. It's always so busy, but I thought I'd buy Dave some fritelle because he likes them so much from this one bakery that's on the way home from the market. I've gone to at least 10 different bakeries and this one has the best ones I've eaten so far. Not too much rice, not too heavy, and not too greasy. They only have them during the Carnevale, which ends in a few weeks.

I walked in and tried to figure out who I was after. I stood behind one woman with a dark blue jacket. I had to move because people kept coming into the bakery and there's only enough room for about 10 of us. When I got there, I was the fifth one. Then 6 other people arrived after me.

As the girls helping the customers would ask "A chi tocca?" (Whose turn is it?), I was getting ready to make sure it was my turn when the one woman was served. I guess after talking to Stephanie yesterday, she said that people frequently push their way ahead of her. So, I was keeping my eye on the woman. Then, it was her turn and she looked at me and asked if it was my turn now. "No, signora, tocca a lei." (No, it's your turn.) Because the one girl was busy, I had to keep on guard for the other girl who was going to be ready to serve the next customer. And this time, everyone seemed to look at me and one man even pointed at me and said, "A lei."

I guess I could've just relaxed because my turn was being carefully watched by the others.

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