Each person a language

I don't even think about it much any more. I switch languages all the time depending on who I'm talking with. Most of what I do at home is in English. And then, I answer the phone or go outside and everything changes: I speak only in Italian.

The second I close the door to our apartment, the switch turns to "Italian." Everything I do outside of our house is in Italian. And then when I'm working or sending most emails (unless to my Italian friends), everything is in English.

Dave and I speak Italian sometimes, but mostly English. All of my friends keep telling me that I shouldn't speak to him in English, but some habits are hard to break. We sometimes converse in Italian and especially when we go outside because it's almost necessary. But at home when we're together, English comes so naturally. I speak to my Italian friends in Italian and for me to switch languages and speak to them in English would be difficult too.

Most people I speak English to, others French, and here Italian. I'm surprised I don't stumble more in picking a language to speak for a person, but it seems so natural to me now.

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