A plate of sunshine

Since we've arrived here, I've been cooking almost all Italian dishes. Different kinds of pasta and meats that I never made back in the US. I buy different ingredients and make my own sugo (tomato sauce with meat) and try out recipes quite a bit. I absolutely love to cook. Before, Dave and I would take turns and now I pretty much do all of the cooking.

I suppose Italy changes us all. I guess I've become more "housewifey" since I've gotten here. I fix up the house, take care of the plants and flowers, and cook. I love to go shopping all the time at the outdoor market and pick up all my ingredients fresh for the day (and sometimes even the next day).

Almost every weekend, I make an oven pancake (also called "Dutch Baby" and "German pancake"). Dave likes to call it, his "plate of sunshine" because we enjoy it so much. We sprinkle powdered sugar on top and pour on some fresh lemon juice. Sometimes we're so excited to make it that we buy the ingredients on Thursday so that by Saturday we have everything we need.

We look forward to our American brunch every Saturday and Sunday. No matter what the weather is outside, we're so happy just enjoying our oven pancake together.

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