Home alone

Today I woke up to a blaring television. It sounded like Sunday mass and I think I heard the new pope speak for the first time. Most Sundays I can hear mass a little bit, but because one of the windows in our apartment was open, it sounded like it was coming from our TV.

It was odd waking up to an empty apartment. Dave wasn't making his coffee or working on his computer this morning when I woke up.

Dave left for Frankfurt last night. We took the bus to the train station after waiting for a taxi for about half an hour and still not getting one. I talked to one of the tassista (taxi driver) who told me that there was a partita di calcio (soccer match).

After waving goodbye to Dave, I walked home. I went past the Santa Maria Novella church and through the Piazza Repubblica. I was almost sad knowing that I was here all by myself. I hadn't told any of my friends that Dave was going away. And, many of them thought that we were off somewhere else for the weekend.

I got invited to dinner last night as well, but didn't feel like going without Dave. I wanted to just go home and be alone. I didn't even want to call any of my friends either. I ended up not making dinner for myself and just ate fresh strawberries and watched a few movies with dictionary in hand.

Sitting in our apartment this afternoon, I realize how happy I am that I'm living in Florence with Dave. The last time I was here, I was living by myself. I couldn't imagine living here without him. But maybe it's just that I can't imagine living without him at all.

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