Black bees and lizards

On our little terrace, the trees and bushes are blossoming. Big orange flowers on one tree and little jasmine flowers on the trellis. It's a joy to look out the windows and see them all. The only downside is that we have to water almost every day now that it's getting so hot.

I went out the other day in the afternoon sun and watered the flowers. As I stood there peacefully nourishing the plants on the terrace, a shiny black bee the size of a big marble came buzzing around me. I didn't have time to think if it would sting me or even if it could. I just dropped the hose and ran in the house, slamming the glass doors behind me.

From inside the window I watched him as he (I'm assuming it was male since it was so aggressive...but now that I think about it...) buzzed right outside. He stopped on the door and I looked out at him. I wanted to see him close up. I must have frightened him because he flew back a little and then came right at me. I would've jumped, but I knew there was a double-paned window between us. Thank goodness!

Then, one evening I decided that I'd be just a little smarter and water after the sun set. Then, I wouldn't be able to see any huge bees. But instead, as I got closer to one of the side plants, I saw something move on the wall. I figured that I could just water the one side and leave him be. But, then I saw another one and this time I got a good look and it was a lizard. With all the mosquitoes flying around, I began to feel overwhelmed and decided it was time to go back in.

The next day I asked Dave to water and he's been doing it ever since.

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