A football field in the piazza

Sunday they'll be having the last Calcio storico (historical football) in Florence. There are only three days in which the games are held, but the entire Piazza Santa Croce becomes the playing field. If you're standing on Via dei Benci, the beautiful chiesa (church) is almost invisible through the bleachers.

Living in Florence :: A football field in the piazza

For the past week or so, when I've had to cross the Piazza Santa Croce, I have to go along one of its sides. I miss seeing the large piazza with people stopping to take pictures of the church, walking around in groups, and just sitting in the piazza enjoying the day.

I have seen many tourists who aren't that happy about the bleachers that take up the entire piazza. They have to take pictures at the bottom of the stairs in front of the church, on the sides at an angle, or where I was standing to take my picture.

But, the bleachers will soon be down. It took them over a week to prepare the piazza for the first game. They started before we went to Venice around June 16th!

Hopefully in a week, I'll be able to go to the piazza and enjoy it once again.

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