The police at our door

At 11 AM this morning, our buzzer rang. As usual, I ignored it. I know I shouldn't do that, but some people buzz us to leave advertisement, others because they're going to see someone in the building who's not answering their buzzer, and of course il postino (the postman) whom I met the other day and told me that he hates our building because no one ever answers.

This time after a few buzzes, I went to the intercom. "Chi Ŕ?" (Who is it?) I yelled. "La polizia," (the police) he responded. "Chi vuole vedere?" (Who do you want to see) I asked without yelling quite so loud. After he said my name, I had to buzz him in. I wasn't sure what he wanted, but being in my pajamas, I didn't really care. I ran to pull on a pair of jeans.

He came up and Dave opened the door as I was still buttoning my pants. I still had my pajama top on and couldn't do much else except cross my arms.

"Ho bisogno di vedere i vostri documenti." (I need to see your documents.) he said. I pulled out our permessi di soggiorno and our rental contract.

I remembered that the man at the Anagrafe (Registry office) told me that they'd come by the apartment to check all the information I provided, but I didn't think they'd come so quickly. Nothing happens that quickly, I thought.

The man was polite and told me that we'll be getting a document in the mail in a few weeks. And with that, we can get our carta d'identitÓ (Identity cards) if we want them.

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