Slivers of shade

Where there is shade, there are people. Here the sun seems to pierce your clothes and scald your skin. When the sun is out, everyone heads for the shade. Some people wear hats (portable shade) and others walk farther distances just to be in the shade given off by the buildings.

I look for the shady spots when I walk down the street. These days the air is cool in Florence, so it only feels like Spring in the shade. But once you step out in the sun you realize the true temperature and you know that Summer is not hiding.

The most refreshing spot in Florence is the fountain in Piazza della Signoria. The water splatters all around it and people make a bee line to stand under it. It is one of the few fountains that is big enough for people to fully appreciate.

In the warm breeze at night, when the sun has disappeared, Florence is the most pleasant to walk around in. And if it weren't for the mosquitoes, it'd be absolutely perfect. A few sprays of mosquito repellent and it is perfect.

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