Dove vai in ferie?

The question everyone has on their mind: dove vai in ferie? (where are you going on vacation?) The Florentines are getting ready to go (if they haven't already gone) on vacation. Many of the shops and restaurants have signs stating when they'll be closed.

In Paris, when I used to live there, many of the shops would just close for the entire month of August. The Florentines seem to do things a bit differently. They have ferragosto (August holiday) that is normally a Sunday in the middle of August and this year it's August 14th. Some people go on vacation the two weeks before or the two weeks after ferragosto.

So, instead of things coming back to life on September 1st, the Florentines have already planned that it'll be September 5th, the first Monday in September.

From the many people I've spoken with, some have made plans while others have not. But almost everyone will be going to il mare (the beach). Whether it be in Italy or not, all the Florentines I spoke with will definitely be going to the mare for part or all of their vacation.

Our plans have just been finalized (and you'll find out later!) to a place we've never been before outside of Italy. We hope it'll be fun, relaxing, and interesting. Although I'll miss Florence, we'll be back to spend some quiet time in Florence.

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