Is vandalism illegal?

Last night, we ate dinner on a terrace of a restaurant near Piazza della Repubblica. As we sat there, I noticed two police officers drive up and get out of their car. Then, I noticed two young guys spray painting an edicola (news kiosk).

Living in Florence :: Is vandalism illegal?

I watched as the police stood outside of their cars and talked to an older gentleman, who left and then came back with a few documents in his hands. They talked a little bit while the two guys continued to spray paint.

Then, the two guys paused while the two police officers measured the edicola and filled in some papers. The police officers talked again to the older gentleman who then walked off.

The two guys went back to spray painting and the police officers drove off.

After dinner, I decided to take a picture of them before the completed their "work." I'm surprised that nothing happened and today when I walked by, it was finished and they were, of course, gone.

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