Going to town

After getting up late, having coffee, helping prepare lunch and eating again, we decided to take a small trip to Macinaggio. I took one picture of the main street along the coast with a large port and many boats. It's the closest town to the village where we're staying. And the closest town with an ATM machine.

Living in Florence :: Going to town

We arrived in Macinaggio and when straight to the ATM machine, which was not working. Luckily, we took cash out in Italy. I'm so used to Italy where there's an ATM every few blocks that I didn't think that our countryside home would be in such a desolate area.

Our friends left us the car the other day, but Dave and I are too afraid to take their car. The roads are narrow and normally have one side with a mountain and the other down a steep cliff. People drive relatively fast here since they know their way, but we're not comfortable taking their car around. It'd be fun, but we're happy just tagging along for rides when people go down to the coast.

We bought a few postcards, looked around in a few shops (of which there were only about 4), and sat outside on the terrace to eat crêpes.

We talked, ate, and drank cidre together for a little bit and then we went back home to go to another party, which lasted until 1AM (and we were the first ones to leave!).

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