Todd's Birthday Party

Today was my friend Todd's birthday party. He and his wife Marie are our hosts here in Corsica. Because Marie is Corsican, her family is all here for the month of August (at least the beginning of the month). Since we've been here we've met her mother's side of the family one night and then her father's side of the family the next night. So, tonight was the gathering of them all and then some.

We ended up being at least 100+ people for an apéritif. Dave and I helped a little bit with the preparation and I helped during the party, getting food ready, serving it up, cutting the cake, and then cleaning up.

At the end of the party, a few of us inaugurated his pétanque field that he has been working with a little bit of Dave's help.

Some people wanted to speak to me in Corsican language to see how much I could understand since it's basically an Italian dialect. It's pretty interesting since it's definitely much more Italian than French!

We enjoyed our evening and luckily got to go to sleep fairly early, only 1AM. I worked a little more, read some of my book, and then called it a night.

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