Tour d'Erbalunga

Today we ate in a small restaurant on a sandy beach only a few minutes from the house. We were planning initially on going into the water, but it was a little too rough. We heard there might be jelly fish as well, so we didn't push it. Especially since Dave got stung by a wasp of some sort during lunch. Instead we drop down the coast a bit more to Erbalunga. We were lucky that it's the other town near our small village with an ATM as well.

Living in Florence :: Tour d'Erbalunga

We walked around the small village and saw the Tour d'Erbalunga (which is in the picture). We saw a few people on the rocky beach either fishing or playing in the water. We opted for a more touristy option: eating ice cream on a terrace café.

I forgot how good the chantilly (whipped cream) is in France. So rich and wonderful, it's a dessert in itself.

We drove along the coast (the only way to get from one point to another up at the "cap"). And luckily, I was in the middle in the back seat. I had been on one of the sides, but felt car sick. This time, I held on to Dave's leg as the car swerved left and then right taking tight turns every few hundred feet. It was like being on Highway 1 in California for an hour!

We got home and we all took naps. Vacations can be tiring with all the apéritifs, parties, meals, socializing, and visiting towns/villages. It's a good thing I have some work to do or else I'd really be exhausted!

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