To the northern tip of Corsica

The day started with fresh croissants and bread that the baker delivered up to the small village where the house we're staying in is located. Dave made a few caffè latte and we sat outside on the terrace under the mulberry tree. We looked out over the Mediterranean sea and discussed our plans for the day. We found out that our afternoon would start with an apéritif at a cousin's house, then lunch up at another small village, and end with a drive along the western coast.

Living in Florence :: To the northern tip of Corsica

We left the house at half past noon. We sat out on a small terrace of Marie's cousin's house and had champagne and a few appetizers. After about an hour we left for another village up the hill to go have lunch. We initially thought it was just a pizzeria, but we found out that their food was much more elaborate than that.

I started out with a chévre chaud (hot goat cheese) salad and initially ordered a pizza napolitana, but changed it to the lamb that I saw an Italian guy ordered and it looked delicious. So, I jumped up and caught the waitress to change my order before it was too late.

We thought we were full from yesterday, but not enough to slow us down at lunch today. We ate our appetizers, main dishes, and then had to try the desserts. I had an apple crumble and Dave had a hot chocolate cake with Vanilla ice cream.

We piled back in the car, drove up to an old convent on a hill, and then went to Moulin Mattéi (where I took a picture). The mill is at the northern tip of Corsica, called the "Cap Corse."

We drove south along the west coast of the island, cut across to get back to the east side, and finished the day by a long siesta (nap). And's dinner time!

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