Food, food, and more food

Today started like every other day here in Corsica. Breakfast on the terrace looking out over the Mediterranean with fresh bread and/or croissants and a caffè latte. After having so many heavy meals, I decided to only have coffee so that I could be hungry for our special lunch at "Le Caraïbou."

I didn't know what to expect for lunch, but was prepared for lots of seafood. From the two-lane road in front of the restaurant, I assumed that we'd be in the woods. But, it turns out that when we got out to their terrace, we were right on the water. It looked like a tropical restaurant with trees all around, shady areas, a swimming pool (which I was told had both sea water and chlorinated water mixed), a terrace for dining, an indoor dining area, and the beach below.

When we arrived, it was a little overcast. Not cold at all, but humid and foggy. We began our meal with a kir royal (champagne with cassis syrup) and were served tray after tray of appetizers: shrimps, mussels, crab, melon, watermelon, deep fried calamari, meats, and bowls of vegetables and fruits. If we wanted more, we would just ask and more would be served.

It began to rain so everyone at our table left to go to the indoor dining area. A few of us (basically the American contingency) stayed outside to finish our plates before heading in. The rain was fairly warm and felt quite refreshing.

A few of us ordered a main dish, but at the time we didn't know how abundant the appetizers would be. I ordered a perfectly cooked rare steak served with a mustard sauce. All of us who ordered a main dish were also served a dessert, which was un vacherin (a meringue, ice cream, whipped cream dessert served with hot chocolate sauce). It was light enough to bring to my mouth, but it became heavier and heavier with each spoonful.

When we got home, Dave took a nap while I thought about it as I worked a little on my computer. The next thing I knew Dave was awake and it was already dinner time. I didn't think I'd eat for weeks, but then our host made omelettes with basil and gruyère cheese, fried potatoes, and salad.

I was told that if I want to digest lunch, I should have dinner. Great French wisdom that sounded fairly reasonable until I cleaned up my plate and felt like I just swallowed a whale.

So, my promise to myself for tomorrow is to eat less! It's so difficult with all this wonderful food along with the excuse that we're on vacation, but my poor stomach is now probably the size of Texas.

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