Three long days

August has always been a birthday month in my mind. My father was born on the 8th, my grandmother on the 9th, and my mother on the 10th. It was nice at times because I couldn't forget any of their birthdays; however, nowadays they are not my favorite three days of the year.

I've been trying these past few days to not think about the dates or about any of them. But, of course when you try to avoid anything, it somehow lurks in your mind even more. I don't think about what age any of them would be now because that would just be even more cruel.

I do think that my mother would have liked it here in Corsica and I know she would've gotten along well with everyone here. It would have been fun going out to eat, sight-seeing, and just relaxing with her. She'd relax and read books, she'd want to be in the kitchen as much as she could, and she would not want to go to the beach to sit outside in the sun.

She'd probably go crazy with all the bugs that seem to fly around, like the wasps, bees, and flies. She'd try to close all the doors to the kitchen to keep them out. She'd be uncomfortable with them and wouldn't be able to stop herself from doing something to keep them away from her and the food.

And so, I let these three days go by without thinking too much about my mom and I wonder when I will feel more happiness and less sadness. It's hard for me to put a smile on my face when I think about her because I still miss her so much.

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