From a sprinkle to a torrent

I was told Saturday that if it's dark in the west, where Isola d'Elba is located, it would rain here in Corsica. It was hard to believe because we were sitting on the terrace eating lunch in the shade, but the air was a little cool. There were a few clouds, but none too menacing. I sat in the sun after the meal to warm up and looked out. Is it really that dark over there? Is it really going to rain here?

Living in Florence :: From a sprinkle to a torrent

Today we woke up to cool weather and even had breakfast inside the house looking out the bay windows at Isola d'Elba. We kept the doors and windows opened to a minimum. Still, we'd look out and still see a few patches of blue sky.

After lunch, we were sitting in the dining room and it began to pour. Not a few drops, but sheets of water coming down. I ran upstairs to get my camera and took the picture out of our window in hopes to catch the rain in action.

They say that it's common to rain a lot and then it passes. For us, it didn't pass very quickly. It rained all day and all night.

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