Getting our feet wet

Dave and I are not huge fans of the beach. We both would love to live near the water, to look out at it all we can, and to go on boat rides (especially with someone else driving). We both just don't like to sit out on a towel in the sun and turn over every half hour. It's just not for us. If we did go to the beach, and we haven't here in Corsica, it'd be for a few hours going between the shade and the water.

Living in Florence :: Getting our feet wet

Today, Todd, Marie, and Marie's dad took us out on their boat. We had wanted to go a few other times, but the water looked a little too rough. We could tell at times because there were white parts on the sea that we could see without a telescope.

After yesterday's huge rainfall, all three of them got in the boat to drain the boat manually. They took turns scooping water out with a plastic container and dumping it into the sea.

Marie started the boat to make sure the engine would run and Dave and I were the last ones to hop on. We took off our shoes and got on board. I sat in the back with Marie's dad and Dave sat in front of the boat with Todd while Marie was the pilot. Dave was definitely braver than me. He was even holding his camera with him. I only saw him cling onto the side rail once while my left hand was sore from holding on so tightly.

We went north toward Macinaggio and could see the Island of Capraia quite well. There were a few ferry boats going in two different directions quite far from us and we were practically alone on the water.

We didn't leave the house until about 6PM and most people are coming back or have already finished sailing for the day.

We started out quite mildly and then Marie told us to hold on and pushed the throttle and the front of the boat was higher in the air and we were flying across the waves. It was a great to feel the sea air in my hair. We got splashed a few times when the boat crashed down on a wave/pocket of air. Once my mouth was open and I got a nice taste of the sea.

We stopped at one point and I politely asked for a life jacket. Dave had asked me if I wanted one earlier, but I refused since no one else had one. But, I suddenly remembered that I'm not that great of a swimmer and if I flew off and into the water, I'd float, but mostly panic.

I put my hand in the water, which felt more like a warm bath. I half-wished I had my swimming suit on. Marie came in her swimming suit, but didn't go in either. I'm sure she would have if it wasn't getting so dark so quickly.

I took a few pictures and we turned around and went back. The water seemed a bit calmer and the boat only hopped along a few waves, but mostly it was quite smooth and pleasant. By the time we docked it was dark and all the lights were on in the little village where the port is located. We hopped off the boat, dried off our feet, put our shoes back on, and headed home for dinner.

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