Looking forward to our trip back to the US

Dave and I got a lot of things done today before our trip back to the US on Sunday. We're looking forward to it especially since we haven't been back in a year. We especially can't wait to see our family and friends. We even made lists of things we want to do, eat, see, and bring back to Florence.

We are bringing an empty suitcase in the hopes of bringing back a few things we miss and even some gifts for our friends here. They love to see all the new American items that doesn't exist here, like those little mint strips you can eat that melt in your mouth. And, I'm sure there are new things that even we haven't seen yet.

We have already made plans to eat at our favorite sushi place up in Roseville (which we've already decided to go two nights in a row!) and my favorite Chinese restaurant in Sunnyvale. I plan on eating a Rueben sandwich, Monte Cristo sandwich, a Jamba juice, a Cinnabon, BBQ baby back ribs, sharp Cheddar cheese, Chocolate-Mint girl scout cookies (although I'm sure it's not the season), Thai food, and lots of Mexican and Tex-Mex food. I'm also looking forward to going to Costco, just to walk around inside and see what's there.

At first I wasn't excited about going to the US and I didn't realize that I even missed anything. But, slowly I began to think about some of the things we ate and some of the places we ate at and I just couldn't wait!

It's funny how when you don't have something for a year or even more, you seem to suddenly miss it...and even crave it!

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