Driving like crazy

Dave and I have decided to rent a car and drive to Colorado to visit his family. We've driven it before when I was terrified to fly, but this time we did it mostly because we haven't driven in a year. We rented a Jaguar (heck, we haven't driven in a year...we can spoil ourselves a little) and left Los Gatos, CA on Wednesday morning.

We drove alongside the Mojave National Preserve and arrived in Las Vegas at around 7PM. We love stopping in Las Vegas especially for the food and shopping. Unfortunately, our visit was short so we just got into our room, hooked up to the Internet, went for dinner, and came home to sleep.

Thursday morning we left Las Vegas at around 10AM for Denver, CO. We went through Nevada, Utah, and then to Colorado.

We were able to see almost all of Nevada and Utah in the day. I love driving near the Zion National Park. On the highway that we were driving on we go between many canyons. It's a beautiful drive with the orange-colored canyon walls on both sides of us. I regret not taking any photos and not stopping at the view areas. Sometimes I'm just so focused on driving from point A to point B that I didn't think of it until it was too late.

I know we'll be driving back the same way, so I will try to take some pictures. When we did stop to get gas, I did purchase a few post cards. The pictures are always so beautiful that mine always pale in comparison.

Now that we're in Colorado (and a mile high in elevation), I'm trying to survive. I always suffer from high-altitude sickness, which gives me a headache and a constant thirst and just exhausts me. They say it passes within a few days and in my case it does a little, but I always can't wait to go back to sea level and feel some humidity in the air (which is probably why I love Italy so much!). I just hope tomorrow I can feel "normal."

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