One night in Brekenridge

We arrived at 3:30PM in Breckenridge, Colorado. We packed up all of our Christmas presents and other toys that we bought ourselves and drove up to Breckenridge (at about 9000 ft). Luckily, we thought of that pit stop before heading west since it took us at least 4 hours to pack up all our goodies.

Living in Florence :: One night in Brekenridge

Dave and I love the small town feel (like we get in Italy) where we can walk around and shop, eat and have coffees. The beautiful snow-topped mountains in the background (as in my picture) were beautiful to see. The weather is much cooler here, like 30-45F, even though the locals are still in shorts and open-toe shoes.

We ended up eating in the same restaurant as it was the only one with people in it. Some of the shops were closed and would not be open until next month or only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

In many of the shops, people would ask us, "So where are you from?" I found it interesting since I don't remember anyone ever asking me that before in the US. But, I guess with our coats and scarves we looked like tourists!

Unfortunately, we only stayed one night, but we loved it! Next time, Dave hopes to go and snowboard.

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