Driving to Vegas

We just arrived in Vegas at 7PM and it's a warm 72 F. We woke up this morning at 6AM to leave Breckenridge at 8AM (we had to log onto the Internet again for work from Starbucks). We watched the weather and it said it might snow on Saturday, so we were happy to leave while the weather was good.

Living in Florence :: Driving to Vegas

After leaving the Colorado Rockies, we got to enjoy the Utah countryside (as shown in my picture). We stopped at one view area to get a good look and because my pictures from the car show how fast we were driving by the blurry bushes in front of us.

Because we left so early, we got to see everything until we got about 1 hour from Las Vegas when the sun set.

We were surprised to find a truck stop with free DSL Internet. Last time we went the other way, every spot either used T-Mobile or there wasn't even any Internet. At one hotel, we sat in the parking lot with our computers on our laps because they had free Wi-Fi and I needed to quickly check my emails.

We went to eat at Commander's Palace, our little homage to New Orleans, and watched the Bellaggio waterfall show from our hotel window every hour on the hour. I took a picture, but the big flash in the window ruined it.

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