Enjoying Las Vegas

I love going to Las Vegas: I love the food, the shows, and the shopping. I don't gamble at all since for me it would just be paying to play. I noticed that in Las Vegas, you really get a good look at what the US is like. You see people of all different ages, races, and classes.

Living in Florence :: Enjoying Las Vegas

We love staying at the Aladdin because of the proximity to everything on the Strip. This time, we had a great view of the Bellaggio (which is in the picture I took from our hotel window) and the Eiffel Tower at Paris. At night, we could watch the water fountain show, but the flash on the window of our room ruined my picture.

We went and saw a Cirque du Soleil show, Ką, at the MGM Grand. It was only a few blocks away, but we decided to take a taxi anyway. It seems to be the thing to do in Las Vegas at night. We ate sushi in the hotel, saw the show, and walked back because the taxi line was too long.

I saw my brother Emil in Las Vegas. He gave me my father's baptism record where he changed his first name from "Amilio" to "Emilio." I'm hoping that this will be accepted by the Italian government for my citizenship. Every document helps.

Tomorrow we're off to Los Angeles to see another sister and brother of mine as well as a few of my friends. We're hoping to see the Jay Leno show, but getting up at 8AM to get tickets doesn't sound like a great idea to us. Although who knows...

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