More and more books

I packed all the books I got out of storage and added the ones that I bought and put them in a suitcase. I was thinking about sending them as a friend of mine who lives in Australia suggested, but I just couldn't part with any of them for the 1-3 months it takes to receive them.

Every time we go out, I try so hard not to go to any more bookstores even though I truly love browsing! There were a few bookstores that I didn't go to at all yet and am trying to keep my distance. My favorite one in Mountain View was strictly off-limits. I can never make it out of there without holding a bag of books in each hand.

I shop for books in Florence as well, but the prices are a little higher. I can get almost anything I want. I bought English books from Amazon in France as well, which worked out really well.

But, I just love the experience of going into a bookstore. I love looking at the many book covers, searching for my favorite authors to see if they've done anything new, and reading the summaries of the book for any books that look interesting to me.

I have finally made a new commitment to read more. I read a lot, but have been letting my work keep me busy all day instead of indulging myself in reading a bit more for myself. With all the books I'm bringing, I'm very motivated since I'm not going to drag all those books back with me for nothing.

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