Still jet-lagged

Dave woke up at 10AM, while I didn't wake up until 1PM. It felt good to sleep, but I still don't feel rested yet. I walked into the living room to see all of our suitcases opened and partially emptied onto the couch. Clothes, books, papers, and cables were strewn all over. I was too tired to deal with any of it, so I went to my desk on the other side of the apartment to hide.

I had a light breakfast, did some work on my computer for a few hours, and then Dave and I went back to sleep at 4PM. We woke up at 7PM and Dave went back to the grocery store to get food for dinner. It feels like a long time since I last cooked anything. I couldn't even think of what ingredients I needed.

We ate dinner and then worked until about 5AM. I didn't even put my nose outside. I just looked at the rooftops from our windows and our terrace, which Simone cleaned up in our absence. I'm sure he wasn't so happy that I let all his plants grow wild, but he offered to come by and work on it. Our terrace now looks much bigger without all the half-dead plants and long vines growing all over the place. Dave is happy now that it's almost winter and he won't have to water the plants as much as he did in the summer, which he had to do daily.

I haven't talked to any of my friends yet. Although that would be difficult since I didn't put the chip back into my cell phone and unplugged our home phone. I didn't want to be woken up by a phone ringing since our sleeping is completely out of whack. If I'm asleep, that means that I'm up in our loft area and the last thing I want to do is run down a flight of stairs to answer it.

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