No shopping on Sundays

We were supposed to meet Marco at an Asian restaurant (that said they had Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc. food), but I didn't feel good enough to go probably after all that alcohol in my warm drinks yesterday! So, this morning when we got up, we decided to go for brunch and meet him there.

Living in Florence :: No shopping on Sundays

Brunch being quite atypical for non-Americans, he was willing to give it a try.

For some reason, I assumed that all the shops would be open being the beginning of the Christmas season. The streets were just as crowded as they were on Friday with people ice skating in the small rink in Karlsplatz. It was a beautiful, sunny day that was a bit warmer than it had been.

We walked to the train station and took the 1-hour city tour bus to see the highlights of Munich. It was quite interesting to hear about many things I didn't know, like that Munich is considered the "most northern Italian city" and that the name "Munich" comes from the word "monk" (which is interesting since Munich in Italian is "Monaco," which means monk!).

The picture of the king's residence is a replica of Pitti palace. I had to go back to take the picture because I really didn't notice before when I saw it on Friday!

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