Training it back to Florence

I planned for us to take the train back to Florence so that we could see the countryside between Munich and Florence. We went through Austria and stopped in Innsbruck and then later in Verona (Italy). The scenery was quite diverse, mostly mountainous, little to a lot of snow, and a few small villages/towns.

For the first half of our trip, Dave and I were alone in our 6-seat compartment. Then, once we hit Italy, lots of people came on board. People asked us if the seats were free because they didn't have reservations, so we said that they were.

We pretty much saw snow the entire trip down through Italy. As we travelled past Verona, we hit some fog and there was still snow on the ground in many places even just north of Bologna.

We brought a few movies on our computers to watch, which was great to pass the time. I had a book and, of course, my computer with work to do, but it's so nice to just look out the window and see the world go by.

The night fell early and by the time we hit Bologna, it was already dark. When we got off the train, it wasn't that cold, but we had been in Germany with 30°F weather for the past few days. We definitely noticed the humidity.

From the train station in Munich to the one in Florence, there were many differences. Just from the large crowds of people bumping into each other, I could tell I was in Italy.

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