More rain, no umbrella

It's been raining since we got back to Florence. The day starts out a little gray, but then begins to rain from lunch until the evening without interruption. I don't think I've bought an umbrella in years. I usually don't use one when walking around downtown and generally wear a hat to keep somewhat dry.

I did have one umbrella that our friends from NY loaned us one night. I used it once and put it outside the front door to our apartment and when I went back out the next morning it was gone. I talked to the woman across the hall and she said that I should ask the other neighbor who has many visitors if they saw it. But, she didn't understand fully what was going on. It was stolen and there was no way of getting it back.

I got another umbrella from one of my girlfriends because it started raining one day while I was at her house. It was a fairly nice one, but wasn't compact. Today, Dave and I went to the ferramenta (hardware store) near the mercato di Sant'Ambrogio. We were looking for a heater and decided to walk around the shop to buy a few more things.

I looked at the front door a few times where I left my umbrella in the holder at the door to make sure my umbrella was still there. After being in there no more than 20 minutes, we paid for our items and when I got to the door I noticed that my umbrella was gone! I couldn't believe someone would just steal it from practically under my nose!

We got outside and walked back home in the rain. I got angrier by the second, hoping I'd see the person who had my umbrella and get it back. Of course, no such luck and even if I did see one similar I wouldn't be certain that it was mine.

Dave told me to not worry about it, but I was upset that I had two borrowed umbrellas and they both got stolen. Now I know why I hate buying/using umbrellas! I know I won't be getting another one...and if I do, it'll have a lock or an alarm on it!

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