Qualche rivista italiana

I visited my local chiosco (kiosk) the other day. The man, who is in his late 50's, sits with reading glasses on behind the plastic window with magazines neatly organized all around it. Every time I come by, he's flipping through the paper or a magazine.

The last time I came by I asked for the magazine Per Me. It's a woman's psychology monthly magazine that my friend Debora told me about last year. I was complaining to her that I couldn't find a magazine that I liked. Raffaele Morelli, who is the editor, is more like an Italian Dr. Phil. Not so much in his mannerisms as in his sensible and thoughtful advice.

Ever since I got here, I haven't missed an issue. I've been wanting to subscribe to it, but I enjoy going to the chiosco. Each time I ask the man at the chiosco, "Ce l'ha la rivista Per Me?" (Do you have the Per Me magazine) The man giggles and says, "Per te?" (For you). He loves his play on words and he seems so nice that I laugh each time with him.

I buy a few other magazines as well. My other favorite is Vanity Fair. The Italian version comes out every week and I sometimes fall behind because I'm so busy with work and all the other books I'm reading. I love being able to keep up with what's going on in Italy (some of the famous people here are still unknown to me since I don't watch much TV any more), in the States, and in other parts of the world. The articles are always very interesting and it's more of a well-rounded weekly magazine that I truly enjoy.

In "Vanity Fair," they translate all the interviews from its American counterpart, which is kind of nice. I also get to read all about new books and movies, so I don't feel too out of touch with what's going on back in the US.

What I truly love about the Italian magazines is the lack of subscription postcards and perfume samples. The only one I found in my latest issue of "Vanity Fair" was neatly affixed to an advertisement, so I didn't smell it as I flipped through the magazine.

Every now and again I try another Italian magazine, but I'm not as happy as I am with "Per Me" and "Vanity Fair." So, for now, I have enough to read. When I get more time, I'll ask the man at the chiosco what other magazines he suggests. At least he can tell me what's popular.

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