A hint of spring?

This morning on my way to the gym, it smelled like spring outside. I was all bundled up with my wool coat and scarf wrapped around my neck twice, but something seemed different. The air was warmer and possibly even a little more humid than usual. It smelled like early morning in the summer before the sun has reached its peak.

It is difficult to get out of the habit of wearing warm clothing like a coat and scarf. Most of the people I saw were still wearing theirs as well. When I went to the market, I opened my coat, but left my scarf on. The sun certainly felt warmer on my face, but the strong breeze quickly reminded me that spring might not be around the corner.

I wanted to go back outside to enjoy the sun this afternoon, but I had to work. I imagined people sitting on the cement benches as well as the steps in front of Piazza Santa Croce soaking up the sun while it lasts. Since there aren't many places in Florence where people can sit outside for a drink, people generally gather in the piazze in front of churches.

I gazed at the sun on the rooftops each time I looked up from my computer. I just hope that tomorrow will be as nice as today so that I can go outside in the morning for a walk downtown. I will be keeping my coat and scarf on, but I know that the sun will feel wonderful.

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