All work and no play

I feel like we're working for a startup company where we're putting in lots of hours and everything has to be done urgently. We walked to the office from our hotel, which is only a block away, and for lunch they had pizza brought in for us along with beer, soda, and water. Our desk turned into the lunch table so we didn't even have to move one inch.

Massimo, Giuseppe and Deborah left this afternoon, so Dave and I were left here by ourselves. The company has about a hundred employees and we are working in the sala di riunoni (meeting room) on the fourth and top floor. We do have a nice view of a few rolling hills, but I don't get to see much of it since my back faces the window.

We didn't feel like taking a taxi to go downtown to eat after work, so we just ate at the hotel. I love the way they bring us our plates of food at the same time with silver covers and then unveil the plates to us in one grand gesture. Three waiters did the same last night for the five of us at dinner. I noticed also that most of the men we see here wear suits. In Florence, the men are generally more casual at dinner.

We don't have Internet in the hotel because supposedly hotels have to keep track of every page you view on the Internet. At least that's what the man at the hotel told Massimo. We did try connecting to no avail.

I'm hoping that we'll get to see a little bit more of Rome before we head back to Florence. Dave even brought his digital SLR camera this time, so hopefully he'll be putting it to good use.

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