A meeting in Sorrento

The company that we're both working for in Rome has invited us to a meeting in Sorrento. We were surprised when the CEO handed us the invitation when we had lunch the first day we arrived in Rome last week. At first, I thought that maybe he was just being nice, but didn't really think we'd come. I asked Massimo who told us that we were definitely invited. Since he was coming too, we decided to join them.

A pullman (bus) picked up a group of us at the company in Cassia today at 2PM and drove us to Sorrento. We stopped once during the trip to get drinks and snacks. Luckily we ate before we got on the pullman because the drive seemed to take a long time. On the second half of the trip, the autista (driver) put in a DVD so we could watch a movie.

Throughout most of the trip, people were talking. I was surprised how much people could talk for almost four and a half hours.

We drove past Caserta and Napoli, but didn't see much of either one. We went through a winding tunnel and as soon as we exited, we looked out on the Baia di Napoli (Naples Bay). Many of us in the pullman gasped at how beautiful it was. The sun was setting and the Mediterranean Sea was a deep blue.

The pullman drove along the narrow winding roads and through a small downtown area. We saw less and less as we drove with the sky becoming darker. We drove up a small incline to the Hilton Sorrento Palace Hotel, which is very modern and quite impressive. Unfortunately, we don't have a view, but we do have a terrazzino (balcony).

We have to wait another two hours before we can eat dinner. We're grateful that there's a cocktail in a half an hour. Massimo, who flew in from Milano, will be calling us to meet.

We don't know how much of Sorrento we'll be able to see. This is our first time this far south in Italy. Much of our work will be presented during the meeting, so we will probably be attending all the sessions. I just hope for small break to go and see some of the Costa Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast).

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