Going back to my mercato

Today I couldn't wait to go to the mercato. I hadn't been since last week. Because we've been away from home, I haven't been able to do the two things I love the most: shop for food and cook. It was raining outside, but that didn't stop me from going to the mercato.

My first stop was to my ortolana (green grocer) where I bought lots of fruit and vegetables. While in Sorrento, we were served an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. I've been making so many cookies and desserts for the both of us that I have decided that we should eat more fruits for dessert instead. Besides, the fruits, like ananas (pineapple), clementine (small seedless mandarin oranges), and mele (apples), are all so delicious.

Afterwards I went to my macellaio (butcher). Another young man that I've never seen before began to help me, but was interrupted by my macellaio. He whispered something into the younger man's ear who then told me, "Si occupa di lei." (He'll take care of you). I was happy to see my macellaio as I haven't seen him in over two weeks because when I went last week, he wasn't there.

I lugged my plastic bags to the gastronomia and talked to the guy who normally helps me. He asked me how Sorrento was, but I told him that I didn't get to see much. He said that it was cold and rainy here most of the time and that the weather down in Sorrento non bello in questa stagione (is not beautiful in this season).

Because we've decided to eat less pasta, I bought some prosciutto crudo e cotto (raw and cooked ham), mortadella, and salame. For lunch, I made a big salad with pomodorini and small mozzarella balls. I couldn't buy any schiacciata (a flat bread) that we have in Florence, which is normally called focaccia elsewhere, because I was weighed down with my groceries.

It felt so good to come home and fill up our refrigerator. We ate our lunch, did some work, and then had to go and take a pennichella (nap). Our short nights of sleep caught up with us.

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