Sei per l'Italia, vero?

Today when I went to the palestra (gym), one of the guys whom I often see there said "ciao" to me from afar when I arrived. We had talked a few other times as I responded to his comments about the zanzare (mosquitoes) and the caldo (heat) in the palestra.

He usually works out with another guy (the one who thought I was from "La California" in Tuscany because he didn't think any Americans could speak Italian). So, when I saw him last Monday working out by himself, I said, "Allora sei solo soletto oggi?" (So, you're all alone today?)

He told me then that his friend's girlfriend was in town so he wasn't going to be coming to the palestra for a few weeks. He seemed to be much more open to talk to me as he was now all alone. He usually works out with his friend and they are usually talking together in between sets.

"Dove vai a guardare la partita domenica?" (Where are you going to watch the game on Sunday?), I asked him. He said that his sister went to San Niccolò where I had gone on Tuesday, but that he stayed home because he was afraid of being attacked by zanzare. I told him that it wasn't too bad since I went and didn't get any bites.

He said, "Mia sorella mi ha detto che c'era un macello lì! E non posso imaginare come sarà domenica. Se vince l'Italia, sarà veramente pazzesco." (My sister told me that it was a mess there! And I can't imagine how it will be on Sunday. If Italy wins, it will be really crazy.) I agreed with him, but told him, "Sì, ma sarà così ganzo fuori con tutta la gente a festeggiare." (Yes, but it'll be so cool outside with all those people to celebrate.)

We went back to working out a little bit more and then he came over to me and said, "Sei per l'Italia, vero?" (You're for Italy, right?) I could've responded, telling him the multiple reasons why I was rooting for Italy, but instead I just said, "Hai voglia te!" (Of course!)

I didn't think that I should divulge too much information since I did live in France for many years and sometimes feel more French than Italian even though my paternal grandparents were Italian.

He seemed relieved and somewhat happy with my response. As he was just about to continue his workout, I said, "Penso che tutti gli stranieri che stanno in Italia siano per l'Italia." (I think that all the foreigners who are in Italy are for Italy). He smiled at me and nodded. "Forse hai ragione." (Maybe you're right.)

But, I did wonder how he would've reacted if I had said that I wanted France to win? Of course, if the US was in the finals, I would have to root for them because first off I am American, but also because we have never made it to the finals in the World Cup although supposedly we were in the semifinals only once back in 1930!

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