Cloisters of San Lorenzo

After a quick morning rainfall, the sky cleared a little and the sun shone brightly. The air was still cool outside when I walked to San Lorenzo this afternoon to meet a few friends for lunch. I walked down Borgo degli Albizi, in front of the Duomo, and down Borgo San Lorenzo to my destination.

Living in Florence :: Cloisters of San Lorenzo

In the main downtown area, especially near the Duomo, the streets were even more crowded than usual. More people were out walking around today than I have seen all year in centro (downtown). And from the conversations I overheard, most of the tourists were Italians and French.

For a brief respite, I decided to duck into the cloisters of San Lorenzo, which is shown in my picture. I had arrived a little early to my appuntamento (meeting time) and had thought of visiting the church, but there was a short line to get in and I didn't want to wait.

I love sitting in the cloisters to enjoy the peace and quiet: the arches all around the square, the untouched garden in the center, and the dome of the San Lorenzo church hovering above. The sounds of the city fade away and I feel as if I'm transported to another time.

Today, I was able to find a nice corner to sit for a few minutes and enjoy the beautiful and serene space. A few people were taking pictures and visiting the cloisters, but no one walked over to where I was sitting.

When I walked back out to the piazza where people were sitting on the steps, I felt refreshed. I was no longer in a hurry to do anything or get anywhere; I just felt that I could let the day's events lead me where they may.

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