Teatro Romano di Fiesole

Even though Dave and I are still working on this Italian holiday, Ferragosto (Assumption Day), we decided to fare un giro (take a trip) to Fiesole this afternoon. We haven't seen Luigi, Yoshie, and their two boys, Davide and Lorenzo, in months. Because Luigi is from Puglia, they usually go there for the summer, but they came back to Florence last Saturday.

Living in Florence :: Teatro Romano di Fiesole

We walked down the deserted streets to their apartment, which is located on the other side of Piazza Beccaria. It was the first time that I walked down via Gioberti without seeing a single car drive by. Every shop on our way to their house was closed except for the farmacia (pharmacy) on the corner of their street.

We talked about what we've all been up to while we waited for Lorenzo, who is not even a year old yet, to wake up from his pisolino (nap).

We drove up to Fiesole, which is only about eight kilometers from Florence, and parked near a gelateria (ice cream shop). I was surprised that all six of us fit into their car quite comfortably. We had to have a gelato because they told me that it was the best gelateria in Fiesole. This summer I think I've eaten almost one gelato a day.

We decided to visit the Teatro Romano because we had never been in to see it yet. A group of Italians, who were in front of us, no longer wanted to enter the area archgeologica (Archeological area) when they found out that the entry wasn't free. The price is 7 Euros a person and the children, because they are so young, were free. The woman was kind enough to charge us only 15 Euros for a family ticket for four adults.

We walked around the Teatro Romano and took a few pictures. It was very peaceful in the teatro (theater) that looks out over the Tuscan countryside. I could see why so many people were just sitting on the stone steps gazing out at the lush, rolling hills.

We went behind the teatro to check out the parts of the area archgeologica, like the terme (thermal baths) and museum.

After we got home, we had to get back to work. Even though all of Italy is on holiday today, we aren't.

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