No news is not good news

I read a post about how the woman in charge of Italian citizenships at my Italian Consulate in the US is no longer working there. I had just got a document that she requested a few weeks ago and sent it to her. I emailed her to ask her if she got it, and I didn't receive a response. I figured she might be on vacation, but not that she's no longer working there. Now that means that probably no one will be working on these files (mine and many others).

I did try to call the Italian Consulate to no avail. I feel that I am now forced to look back into the option of filing here, which entails a lot of work that the Italian Consulate was going to do (and hopefully did) for me. Of course, the other real problem is that all the documents that I file here go right back through the Italian consulate, so it might not be the best solution.

Just when I thought I was safe and somebody was working on my Italian citizenship, I find out that I'm back at the beginning again.

I just wish there was another way to make this all possible for me and so many others in the same predicament.

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