Il rientro

I heard about il rientro (the re-entry) on TV and how hundreds of thousands of people left for or returned from their vacations this weekend. I didn't think it was going to be noticeable in Florence because so many people had left and I thought it'd be a wash.

But actually, the opposite occurred. More people came back to Florence. I assume now that most people took the week off before ferragosto and then took that week as well.

On my way to the palestra (gym) today, many of the shops in my area had reopened and there were more locals walking in the streets.

At the palestra, there were more people working out than last week. It was extremely quiet for the week of ferragosto. Today, people were even walking through the palestra to check it out before signing up.

I have noticed that people sign up at the palestra at three times of the year: January, May, and September. Many people enjoy their holidays and don't work out, so they feel that they need to get back in shape when they get back.

I enjoyed the walk to and from the palestra as the weather was perfect today. A beautiful sunny day that was not too hot or too humid. I'm hoping that it will be this way for a few more weeks.

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