Le cittą italiane secondo gli italiani

I read an article in this month's Per Me magazine in which I learned a few things from a sondaggio (survey) of 500 Italians regarding cittą italiane (Italian cities). The results involved a few of my favorite cities: Rome, Venice, Milan, and, of course, Florence.

The results indicate that Rome is the city where Italians choose to celebrate an anniversario di nozze (wedding anniversary). For this category, Portofino came in second place.

Venice, along with San Gimigniano and Tropea (in Calabria), were found to be the best place for couples to have a fuga d'amore (romantic getaway).

Capri was considered the most romantica after Paris, which was the only cittą straniera (foreign city) mentioned in the sondaggio.

Milan was the city most preferred by single (singles). Supposedly it's the place where people can make new friends and possibly even meet Mr. Right.

And Florence was chosen as the place where couples go to riconciliarsi (reconcile).

It was interesting to know what Italians thought of these cittą italiane. Who would've thought that Italian couples would go to Portofino to celebrate an anniversario di nozze? I know it's a beautiful place to visit and now I'm thinking that maybe Dave and I should go there for our anniversario di nozze next year.

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