A peaceful moment

Yesterday I managed to take a photo as I crossed the Ponte alla Carraia from Oltrarno toward centro. It was only about 11 in the morning, but I found the Arno to be so peaceful that I stood there for a few minutes. I watched one guy rowing his boat down the Arno and I thought how wonderful it must be to have the city pulsating around you while you are completely at peace on the water.

Living in Florence :: A peaceful moment

Thursday felt incredibly hectic to me going from apartment to apartment, but after I downloaded this photo onto my computer and looked at it, I felt that it was actually a great day. I remember now that I took a few moments to just enjoy the view from Ponte alla Carraia.

It is uncommon for people to stand on the bridges in Florence with the exception of the Ponte Vecchio, but I tend to do it quite often. I love feeling as if I am letting the city just go on without me while I take in all of its beauty.

I know the Arno is greenish brown and looks dirty, but there is something about looking out onto the water that brings me great peace. Each time I look at a picture of the Arno with the cars and buses driving along the Lungarni, I feel as if the city is quieter and more peaceful. I'm sure that cars, buses and motorini were passing by behind me as I snapped this photo, but I don't remember hearing anything. When I was standing on the Ponte alla Carraia looking toward the Ponte Vecchio, Florence was as peaceful to me as it appears in this picture.

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