Una giornata eccezionale

Normally on Sundays, I stay home. I avoid the crowded streets in centro (downtown) so that I can work on my computer, read, and just get ready for the upcoming week. But, today I went out for lunch with my friend Tina who is living in Perugia. We met in Piazza Santo Spirito and had lunch out on the restaurant's terrazza (terrace).

Living in Florence :: Una giornata eccezionale

After lunch, we walked across Ponte Santa Trinità to meet up with Sara. I was so enchanted by the reflection of the bridge and buildings on the water, the colors of the buildings along the Arno, and the clear blue sky were so enchanting that Tina and I stood there for a few moments. How could I walk by without taking a picture?

I almost always carry my camera in my purse so that at any moment I can take a picture when I feel so inspired. Honestly, it's difficult to not take pictures all the time. It's almost odd since I have lived in Florence for two years now and I still find Florence so incredibly beautiful that at times I'm surprised that it even exists.

Sometimes when I am walking around town, I don't have the time to take any pictures or even appreciate my surroundings as I'd like. But, on amazingly beautiful--and oddly enough still warm--afternoons when I'm out to fare una passeggiata (go for a walk), it's impossible not to snap a few pictures.

I didn't have my usual restful Sunday, but I did spend a wonderful afternoon with my friends and I do have this amazing picture of the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno that brings me so much joy. Besides, who can stay home and not take advantage of una giornata eccezionale (an incredible day) like today?

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