Sono fortunatissima

I know that I am fortunatissima (very fortunate) and I thank my lucky stars every day. And, I don't feel it's just because I live in Florence although Florence is a big part of my life. This afternoon, however, I was walking back to our new apartment and I realized just how fortunata I really am. I walked past the Duomo and wondered about all the people who travel so many miles to come here and stand where I was standing when I took this picture.

Living in Florence :: Sono fortunatissima

I don't think I have ever truly taken Florence for granted. Its beauty takes my breath away almost every time I go outside. Of course, there are times that I don't take in all of Florence because I'm in a rush or I have to get from point A to point B. I keep my camera in my purse and when something strikes me, I take a picture.

In our new apartment, I feel like my appreciation for Florence has been re-ignited. We have a terrace that allows us to see many of the tops of the monuments as far away as San Miniato church and the hills of Fiesole. It makes me realize just how beautiful the city is. I go out there almost every day to take a peek at my city, even if it rains.

I spoke to another expat who lives here in Florence and she said she had a similar experience. She's been living here for many years and now that she's in a new apartment with an amazing view, she finds that Florence has become even more beautiful.

But, I must also say that I do see the dirty streets, but I don't dwell on that aspect too much. Sure, I wish they were cleaner, but Florence is a city and some people don't respect her as much as they should. I just do my part to keep the city clean and that's all I can do.

For now, I will continue my life here in Florence and hope that others will be able to come and appreciate the beauty and magic of this wonderful city.

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