New neighborhood, new gym

Today was our first normal day in our new apartment. Last Friday didn't really count because we still had boxes all over the place. I didn't think that such a small move in the same city would be so huge for us. We changed supermarkets, local shops, and even palestre (gyms).

This morning I signed up at the palestra in Borgo Pinti where I used to go when I lived here from 1997 to 1999. A few of the same people still work there, but I didn't see any of my old conoscenti (acquaintances). I used to go in the evening, which is when I saw them, but now I go in the morning because it fits my schedule better.

I was quite happy to see a rather empty palestra when I arrived. It's a treat to be able to work out on any machine without waiting for someone to get off. I became a little anxious at the palestra because I had gotten so used to the people at my previous palestra where I'd been going all year. After many months, I had become quite friendly with a few of the people who go there.

The week before I left my old palestra, I said goodbye to a few people because I was switching palestre and I wouldn't be seeing them any more. A part of me really wanted to go somewhere new, but while I was at the new palestra today, I realized that a part of me really liked all the familiar faces I used to see at my old palestra.

I said hello to everyone in the spogliatoio (locker room) when I walked in this morning, but not everyone says hello back. It doesn't stop me from saying it, but it always feels awkward when no one says anything.

I prefer to work out by myself, but it is nice to just fare due chiacchiere (chat) with people once in a while. It's a way for me to feel like I'm a part of a community, I guess.

I'm hoping that I'll become friendly with someone at the palestra, but I'm not holding my breath. It took me almost a year to know some of the people at my previous palestra. At any rate, my friend Simone goes to the same palestra at lunch time, so if I stick around long enough, I'll see him and we can fare due chiacchiere.

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