All lit up downtown

Florence is all lit up: via Calzaiuoli as well as a few other streets perpendicular to it have lights hanging between the buildings to light up the street below. Many of the shops are decorated for Christmas as well with lights and decorations. Even though the weather is a little brisk, most people seem quite content walking in centro (downtown) with all the festive decorations.

Living in Florence :: All lit up downtown

Before dinner, I went out to buy a few things at La Rinascente for our housewarming party this weekend. Dave and I have been busy getting things for the house and for the party ever since we moved. What started out as inviting a few friends over has turned into a huge party with more people than I think can fit in our apartment. We're hoping some people will brave the cold and stay out on our terrazza (terrace). Because we're doing our aperitivo (aperitif) in the evening, there will be no sun out to keep us warm. Hopefully, all the Chianti and Prosecco we bought will keep them warm!

I took a brief moment after being in La Rinascente and sat down on the cement bench to take a picture of the huge albero di Natale (Christmas tree) that they set up in Piazza Repubblica. Behind it is the giostra (merry-go-round), which seems to have found its almost permanent home in the piazza.

There were a lot of people walking around in centro tonight. I was bundled up because it was quite cold, but I was content to be walking down via Calzaiuoli window shopping with everyone else.

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