Il nostro nuovo televisore

At our new apartment, we have a brand new flat screen HD televisore (television set). We were so happy to have it because we imagined ourselves having a few friends over for movie nights. We knew that even if our apartment didn't have one, we'd buy one anyway. We were a little sad when we did our walk-through of our apartment and saw that the televisore didn't work properly.

The proprietari (owners) of our apartment told us that they'd take care of it. The first week, we exchanged a few emails and found out that the tecnico (technician) tried to contact me twice last week. I was surprised since my cellulare (cell phone) is always on and I didn't see any messages either.

The proprietari asked me to call the tecnico to fissare un'appuntamento (set up an appointment).

When I called the tecnico, he told me that he'd tried to pass by our house some evening this week and would call me beforehand. So, I wasn't surprised when a man called me on my cell phone the next day to tell me that he was coming the following morning.

I realized when the man was on our roof it wasn't the right tecnico. When I got back from food shopping with Simone for our aperitivo (appetizer party), I asked Dave where the tecnico was. He pointed to our terrazza (terrace) where I saw a jacket hanging over the edge.

I quickly realized that this tecnico wasn't the right one. When he got off the roof and into our apartment, he told me that he was here to fix our neighbor's antenna (antenna). He thanked me for letting him in to fix it because the neighbor is on the first floor and the only way to get to it was through our apartment.

I told him that I thought he was someone else because we too have a problem with our televisore. He told me that he could check on the antenna if I'd like since he's already here with all the tools. "Faccio delle prove...non costa niente." (I'll do a few doesn't cost anything.), the tecnico said to me.

He found out that there was nothing wrong with our antenna. After he left our apartment, I called the other tecnico that I had talked to before about when he was planning on coming over. He said that he'd be coming over around 7:30PM.

At 7PM, I was ready for the tecnico to arrive. I took my computer downstairs to the kitchen table to work on while I waited for him. By 8:45PM, I decided to call the tecnico to fissare un'altro appuntamento because we were running late for our friend's birthday dinner party, which was starting at 9PM. "Signora, sono davanti al portone." (Ma'am, I'm in front of the front door.), he said as he rang my campanello (front door bell).

When he was walking up the stairs, he said, "Pensava che avessi fatto un bidone, vero?" (You thought that I stood you up, didn't you?), he said. The thought had crossed my mind, but I told him that I just wondered where he was.

He asked me to explain the problem again, but I told him that it'd be best to just show him. I turned on the TV and he looked at it. He pulled the televisore away from the wall and hit it a few times in the back. I didn't want to tell him that I tried that, but it didn't work.

"Penso che sia il pannello" (I think it's the LCD panel.), he said. Over the phone, he told me that he thought it was the scheda video (video card), but now he thinks he should just get me a new pannello because he's seen this problem before and it might take longer to fix the scheda video first and then find out it's the pannello.

He told me that because it's not an urgent problem, he'll come back on the 29th to pick it up. I must have a fotocopia della garanzia (photocopy of the guarantee) ready for him to pick up as well. He said that it'll take a few days to fix and then they'll bring it back. He also informed me that he didn't have a televisore to loan me while ours isn't working.

I wrote an email back to the proprietari about our televisore and now they're going to call the tecnico themselves. Maybe they'll have better luck at getting it fixed and getting a substitute televisore for us in the meantime. For now, our movie nights will have to wait until next year.

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