Vivicittą a Firenze

Today there was a half marathon (21 km) around the city of Florence organized by Vivicittą. The gara (race) started and finished in piazza Santa Croce. My friend Simone decided he wanted to run it just a few days ago. He asked me, but I haven't run outside in ages and I didn't think I could do a half marathon.

Living in Florence :: Vivicittą a Firenze

I didn't see Simone start the race because my family just left this morning at 10AM, and I had colazione (breakfast) at a bar with them. Simone thought he'd be done at noon, but I arrived about 11.30AM. I stood at the finish line and watched hundreds of people walk by, but never saw him.

I finally saw Simone walking around the piazza and he told me that he finished the half marathon in one hour and 31 minutes. He told me that he didn't lose his fiato (breath), but that his legs were sore. He doesn't run much outside either and running on the asfalto (asphalt) can be hard on the legs. Usually we run together at the palestra (gym) on the tapis roulant (running machine).

Maybe next year, I'll train to run the Vivicittą with Simone, but just maybe not as fast as him.

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