A week of dining out

With my sister and her family, we've been eating dinner out almost every night during their stay in Florence. When I was in Paris, I had a hard time enjoying the food as I think I'm now more used to Italian cooking. I was unable to appreciate it to its fullest as I had in previous visits.

On Saturday night, the night we arrived back to Florence, we went to Canapone. I duplicated the last meal I had there because it was so delicious.

On Easter night, we went to Antico Ristorante Paoli where we enjoyed their carciofi fritti (fried artichokes) and other typical Tuscan dishes. I finally sat in my favorite waiter's section. The last few times, I've been, another waiter served us. He's probably about 60 and very endearing. He calls me carissima a lot and is the only waiter I've ever had who always kisses me on both cheeks. Most other waiters shake my hand if we're friendly.

On Monday night, we went to Il Santo Bevitore for a splendid meal. I now consider it one of my absolute favorites in Florence with fresh pasta, unique secondi (entrées), and tasty dolci (desserts).

Tuesday we went to Trattoria Cibrčo. I love the unique Tuscan dishes they have here and love it when my favorite ones are on the menu.

Wednesday we went to Bologna for a visit and I skipped dinner as I can't eat out so often.

On Thursday, we went to Il Rifrullo and had one of the best filetto alla griglia (grilled filet steak) and patate arrosto (roasted potatoes) ever! My sister and her family went here for lunch one day after I suggested they stop there for lunch before heading up to Piazzale Michelangelo and truly loved this restaurant.

Friday night I took another break, and they all went out to Gustavino. They told me it was delicious, so I'll have to go there some day soon.

Last night, our last together, we went to Borgo San Jacopo and had a spectacular dinner. I didn't pick the best dish, but my sister had tagliolini con piselli freschi (tagliolini with fresh peas) that was out of this world.

I doubt I'll be going out to eat for a while, but I did enjoy the restaurants that we ate at, and will certainly go back.

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