Full of hope

These past few weeks have gone by quickly now that I look back at them. Initially I felt like I fell into a pool and immediately touched the bottom. After much flailing about and bobbing up and down, I have finally began to wade along the surface. My feet only rarely graze the bottom of the pool now, and with my head above water, I'm able to better assess what's around me.

Besides, the women who have entered my life recently, I have also received much abundance. People treating me to dinners, drinks, and other perks that I would never have expected or imagined. I feel almost as if I'm being rewarded for following my heart. I am usually the one who loves to give, but I am slowly learning that it's nice to receive as well.

This weekend I spent mostly alone and I didn't go downtown even once. Sometimes I need a break from seeing people as I had so many all at once. I felt like being by myself a little bit to lounge around the house, write, read, listen to music, and to dream.

It feels good now alone in the house. I have gotten used to it and now relish in it.

Last week I began looking for a new apartment to no avail. This week now that all the holidays are over, a few of my friends who are also agenti immobiliari (real estate agents) are back in town so I get to see a few apartments.

For me, this week has already started full of hope. Maybe it's the clear and sunny sky that is out right now. I'm looking forward to visiting my beloved city some more this week when I have time. Sometimes I just like walking around and surrounding myself with all of its beauty. Even though I live downtown, I love to go to other parts of the city like San Niccolò, Santo Spirito, and Santa Croce.

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