Not enough single women

For the second week in a row, my friend Haruko and I have been searching high and low for single women to attend a dinner party. Last Saturday, she had a sushi party at her house and I was able to invite a few of my friends. Haruko decided to invite a few single women because one of our male friends, whom we both like a lot, is newly single. We invited all the single women we knew, but in the end there were still more men than women.

At Haruko's party last week, one of the guys who came, Andrea, invited almost all of us to his place for a party tonight. He ended up inviting a lot of single men, and then we found out that he had a shortage of women. His friend called Haruko asking her to invite more women, but I didn't know many other single women. I called a girl that I met who is the sister of one of Alessandro's friends. But, unfortunately she couldn't make it.

The count was well past 30 when he first called on Wednesday morning and by Wednesday evening, the count was up to 50. We were hoping that his apartment would be big enough to handle all those people, but between the cucina (kitchen) and salotto (sitting room), we all seemed to fit.

Andrea made pizza for the party, which wasn't probably the best idea on an extremely hot day in a top floor apartment with only a few windows, but with a few fans going, we were OK. I couldn't stay in the cucina for that long at all, and went into the salotto instead near the fan.

In the end, the ratio of men to women was fairly balanced. Haruko and I tried to introduce a few guys to a few of the women, but we might not have been much help. In the end, it takes some time for people to get to know each other better.

I enjoyed myself talking to a bunch of different people. But, I probably won't see any of them again unless we are all invited to the same party. And because we're on the verge of the summer exodus, there will be no party until September.

One of the guys at the party told me that the next party should be at my place, but my new apartment couldn't fit 30 people. It would be fun, but Haruko and I need to find more single women first for our next party.

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